We offer a full range of State brand hot water heaters for residential and commercial buildings. State has a long-standing reputation for developing new methods to heat and store water with greater efficiency and speed. If your home or office requires a residential-grade gas water heater or an electric water heater, we’re here to help. Our experienced team can help you make the decision between a simple storage tank or an energy-efficient tankless unit.


Tank water heaters are the most common.

  • Requires a large amount of space
  • Keeps water constantly hot and ready to use
  • Ideal for spaces that require a steady and large supply of hot water
  • Lower initial purchase price
  • Simple installation
  • Gas-powered heaters offer the convenience of having hot water, even when the power goes out


Tankless water heaters are an energy, cost and space efficient choice.

  • Compact design fits into tight spaces
  • Only operates when hot water is needed
  • Helps save on energy and utility costs

Our technicians are up-to-date on the latest products and service techniques. Plus, they all have the utmost respect for your home or business. You can be assured that your installation or repair will be done with efficiency and ease.


Repair: Whether you require minor repairs or an emergency fix, we will take care of it. Our technicians are experienced in thoroughly and accurately inspecting and repairing all brands.

Replacement: If the system can’t be repaired, or you would like to simply upgrade your unit, we will offer you the best solution that fits your needs and budget.

Installation: Our quality workmanship will ensure efficient and lasting performance.

Premier® High Efficiency

We offer the State Premier® High Efficiency Gas Water Heater provides the ideal blend of high efficiency and easy installation. This new design delivers 0.70 EF and is ENERGY STAR®-qualified, with a first-hour rating that’s much higher than a standard tank. The result is a product that delivers higher efficiency, simplifies installation and includes user-friendly features.


Routine care and service ensures the efficiency and extends the life of your heating and cooling system. We recommend that you have your furnace serviced each fall season and the air conditioner serviced each spring.  To eliminate the introduction of mold and mildew into your home we recommend changing the water panel in your humidifier before beginning to use it for winter.

To assist in keeping your equipment at its peak performance we can offer several options with our Preventative Service Agreements.