Trane Tru Comfort XV20i

With Trane’s innovative ComfortLink™ II Zoning System, you’ll be able to direct more heated or cooled air where it is needed and less where it isn’t. So room by room or zone by zone, you will enjoy steady precise comfort on demand.

The ComfortLink™ II control systems provide personalized comfort of heating and air conditioning equipment for homes and offices. The ComfortLink™ II system utilizes motorized dampers controlled by room thermostats to selectively control the temperature for each zone of the home or building. This is called “zoning.” The ComfortLink™ II system permits personalized comfort of each zone – providing temperature control where you want it .. when you want it. The ComfortLink™ II system gives the added convenience of no more running up and down stairs to control the temperature. Most importantly in today’s environment, the ComfortLink™ II system can reduce energy costs by 25-30% or more. By using setback thermostats, you only pay for heating and cooling when you want it.