HVAC Winter Saving Tips for St. Louis


If you live in the St. Louis area, you are likely going to be running your furnace all winter long. Unfortunately that means that you are bound to have large energy bills to deal with. There are a few tweaks you can make to save more this winter!

Fall Maintenance: You’ve heard people time and time again recommend yearly maintenance for your HVAC system. The reason behind that is if you aren’t maintaining your equipment every year, it tends to get run down and less efficient. Less efficient systems run longer and work harder, which increases your monthly energy bill. Maintenance also helps you determine if there are any problems with your system BEFORE you turn it on.

Take advantage of the bright winter sun: During the day, open the curtains on any windows that could let in light. The light increases the temperature in your home naturally, causing less need for your thermostat to run. Just make sure you close them again at night!

Don’t forget to set your thermostat: The perfect temperature for your home in the winter is 68 degrees. The lower you set the thermostat in your home, the less work it is for your heater to heat your house. We recommend you purchase a programmable thermostat for your home to make it even easier on you! Talk to us about your options.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate: We emphasis this one because proper insulation can help reduce your energy bills in the winter by up to 20%! Those are big savings! If you can’t afford an entire home insulation project, we recommend adding insulation to your attic or any unfinished spaces in your home such as a basement or crawl space. These projects can often be difficult and time consuming so speak to a contractor before you get started!

Making these small tweaks can increase the comfort in your home this winter and also help put some money back into your pockets! What is better than that?