Changing your HVAC Filters isn’t an IF but a WHEN

When you think about driving your car down the freeway, you typically keep an eye on the gas tank to know when it is time to fill your tank up. For most of us, the oil inside your car is out of sight out of mind. The same thing can be said for your filter inside your Air Conditioner. At a minimum, your filter needs to be changed every 3 months! We receive the “Why?” question all of the time. Our #1 answer is improved air quality but we are going to expand on that topic.

Not only will the air inside your home suffer if you decide not to change your filters but there are other ramifications to your Air Conditioner system and your air that could cause bigger problems down the road.

1. Airflow inside your Home

The main use of your air filter is to literally filter the dust, dirt and debris that comes into your home and stops it before it reaches your lungs. The dirt and debris as it builds up, can drastically reduce the airflow in your home meaning your home will not cool down as quickly as you will like. It can often put so much pressure on your system that it shuts down or runs longer than it needs do which runs up your electricity bills.

2. Coils can freeze up 

When your system has to work harder than it is used to your coils inside your system can freeze up. Not only is this bad news for your system itself but it’s bad news for your wallet. Coil repairs and replacements are an expensive project and are easily preventable!

3. You might be headed for a complete system shutdown

With your filter clogged with dirt and debris from outside and your system working on hyperdrive it could cause a total system failure. Especially if your system is already 10-15 years old. If you fail to change out your filters it could end up meaning that you need to call a contractor for a system repair or in the worst case a total system replacement which can be up to 20x more costly than just replacing your filters on a regular basis.