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Do You Know The Signs of When Your Furnace Is About To Break Down?

The worst time to replace a furnace is in the middle of a winter storm. In addition to needing a system when the weather is already bad, paying for emergency [...]

Tips for Saving Energy this Winter

For many it’s our favorite time of year, the holidays. For others it’s a time of year where you take a deep breath but plan for your wallet to expand. No [...]

Changing your HVAC Filters isn’t an IF but a WHEN

When you think about driving your car down the freeway, you typically keep an eye on the gas tank to know when it is time to fill your tank up. For most of us, [...]

The Importance of the Summer/Fall HVAC Tune Up

With summer coming to a close and fall right on it’s heels, it’s hard to imagine it’s already time for another HVAC system tune-up. The reason your [...]

5 Questions to Ask when requesting an AC estimate

Purchasing a new central AC unit is a big decision, not only the cost but also the sheer amount of information thrown at you. You want to make sure you are not [...]

Does cleaning your ducts mean a more efficient HVAC system?

Air duct cleaning isn’t often a service that HVAC companies offer to their clients but it doesn’t mean the two are unrelated. In fact, we often hear [...]

Homeowner’s Guide to Contractors: Check for Red Flags!

Sometimes desperate contractors will do anything for a sale. If a contractor comes into your home and tells you that your home would benefit from a larger [...]

HVAC Winter Saving Tips for St. Louis

If you live in the St. Louis area, you are likely going to be running your furnace all winter long. Unfortunately that means that you are bound to have [...]

What you need to know: Humidity and Your Heating System

As the temperature drops here in St. Louis, typically we can feel the effects of the drier air. As we know, the colder the air, the less moisture the air can [...]

Your Homeowner’s Guide to Furnace Upkeep

Most HVAC contractors will recommend you get your furnace checked up before you need to turn on in the fall. While having a technician look at your system is [...]