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Choosing HVAC Equipment for an Energy Efficient Home

As much as 50% of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling.  Making smart decisions about your home's heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can have a big effect on your utility bills — and your comfort. If your home’s equipment is 10-15 years old it is worth looking into a replacement. Consider replacing your [...]

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Achieving Premium Comfort with your HVAC System

Whether you are preparing your home for a new HVAC Install or attempting to maintain an existing system in your home, Maintenance plays a major role in providing premium [...]

The Goldilocks effect on your HVAC System

“Right sizing” an HVAC system improves efficiency, reduces noise, offers greater cooling/heating comfort and saves money. An oversized system increases [...]

Commercial Buildings: Small Tweaks, Big Savings!

Did you know that as much as 50% of your building’s energy consumption is used by your HVAC system?  The good news is, there are smart ways to help your air conditioning [...]

Keep your family safe, watch out for these 7 dangers!

Mold, pests, old windows, leaky toilets, carbon monoxide - all silent, and often hidden, dangers capable of causing significant damage to your home. But just because [...]

Shutting vents to improve energy efficiency

Saving money on energy costs and utility bills is a high priority for homeowners. Furnaces can suck up electricity and gas, especially if they're heating more space than [...]

No Fall Maintenance? 4 Consequences to consider…

At this time of year, you’ve probably seen and heard the recommendations about having your furnace cleaned and maintained before the start of the cold weather. What’s [...]

Behind the Scenes – Part 2!

This second project is Computime, this project had 7 hail damaged Carrier Units on their rooftop. All 7 unites have optional hail guards installed! Zipf-Air, Inc is the [...]

Come behind the scenes with Zipf-Air!

Did you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of an HVAC Install? Well we thought we would give you a sneak peak of 2 special projects of ours! Narrated by our owner John [...]

1 Simple trick to a better AC unit!

​It’s that time of year again. The time when you come home, turn on your AC, strip off all your clothes, collapse on some soft surface and wait for that cool, comforting [...]

An icy AC unit is NOT a good thing

Have you ever noticed an icy A/C unit and thought it was a positive sign? You might think it is great that the unit you use to blow cold air is “icy”. Ice surrounding [...]