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Is your furnace ready for winter even if you are not?

Keep your family warm and safe with a Winter Furnace System Inspection from Zipf Air. Your furnace is designed to operate efficiently if it is well maintained. A Zipf Air technician will inspect your system for cracks, loose belts, and efficient use of fuel to maximize your comfort throughout the winter.

No one likes to think about carbon monoxide, but, this deadly enemy can be produced by a furnace that is in disrepair. A carbon monoxide detector working with your home’s smoke detector is your best defense against two preventable problems.

Another health problem that people often forget is the relative humidity in your home. When your house is closed up and the furnace is running, the humidity level in your home declines to unhealthy levels unless you have a humidifier. This inexpensive accessory also eliminates static shocks form walking over carpeting, keeps your furniture from drying out and helps prevent colds and sickness.

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Fall Air Conditioning and Heating Tune Up

Just like your car, your home’s equipment needs periodical attention to keep it running better, safer and longer.  Scheduled cleaning and tune ups will save your furnace, and you money in the long run.

Zipf-Air helps you protect your furnace with their Fall Tune Up.

Our Precision tune up includes:

* Complete Safety Inspection

* Test Blower Motor and Air Flow

* Inspect Furnace Operation

* Check for gas leaks and Carbon Monoxide

* Clean the Burner Assembly

* Overall expert review, analysis and tune up

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A Dirty Filter Costs You Money

Did you know that the biggest enemy of your home’s air conditioning system is dirt?  That’s right!  A dirty air conditioner is NOT efficient.  Your system is forced to work harder to circulate air through your home.  If you don’t have an electronic air cleaner, you should get into the habit of changing your disposable air filter once a month.  Our expert technicians can assist you with suggesting which of the many air filters are right for your particular system and living condition.

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St Louis One of the Worse Cities for Allergies. You Need Trane Air Filtration.

Don’t suffer from ragweed, pollen, dust and other allergens this fall.  St Louis tops the country for several things, and allergies is one of them.  End the sneezing, wheezing and suffering by adding a whole home air filtration system from the best St Louis Trane dealer, Zipf-Air St Louis.

Here’s a link to the article regarding our city’s ranking when it comes to allergies:

We take care of all your HVAC needs including
maintenance and repair

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Are your allergies killing you?

Spring has come so early this year and summer seems to already be here. Allergies that usually appear much later are now hitting everyone early.  You have been hearing about whole house filtration system for years, so why wait?  They really work and this year you will certainly get a lot of use out of it.

Check out our web page to find out how it works: Indoor Air Quality

We take care of all your HVAC needs including
maintenance and repair

Call us now at (314)821-1200 to get a FREE estimate!